C.C.H. Medical Foundation Mission Statement and Principles for Promoting Worldwide Adoption of Yuan Shi Dian

1.     C.C.H. Medical Foundation (“the Foundation”) Mission Statement:

1.1   Yuan Shi Dian ( 原始點 ) (YSD) medicine is based on the principle of "People the Foremost, Patient the Teacher." It started from zero, without any preconceived notions. It was drawn bit by bit and evolved from practical performance and verification on patients. YSD is a natural medicine that is safe, effective, simple, environmentally friendly, non-pharmaceutical, and non-invasive. Its specific treatment methods are: in daily living, through the application of External and Internal Heat Sources ( 外內熱源 ), practice Antui ( 按推 ) of Yuan Shi Tong Dian ( 原始痛點 ) and the tender points of the Affected Area ( 患處痛點 ), coordinated with appropriate exercise, adequate rest, and a good state of mind. This serves to ameliorate Tishang ( 體傷 ) and Heat Energy Deficiency( 熱能不足 ) and enable the body to restore to normal functioning in order to achieve the goals of self-healing and resolving Symptoms and Signs ( 症狀 ).

1.2The Foundation’s mission is to educate people worldwide with YSD medical concepts free of charge. Further, it aims to improve the current medical culture, help reduce medical expenditures in every   country and region, and resolve human suffering from disease and illness. The Foundation is not a hospital or clinic. Upon educating the public on YSD concepts, the decision-making power of medical treatment and health maintenance is held by the individuals themselves, who have complete autonomy in their choice to practice.

1.3   To preserve the neutrality of medicine, the Foundation is not involved with any political or religious activities. When legally permissible, the Foundation agrees to establish a friendly and equal partnership with other organizations of the world based on mutual respect, equal status, and shared discussions. The Foundation hopes to spread the seeds of YSD to all corners of the world, to resolve all issues of birth, aging, illness, and death for living beings.

2.     Principles for Promoting Worldwide Adoption of Yuan Shi Dian:

2.1All research, development, and related information pertaining to YSD medicine, including video, audio, books, DVDs, Internet information, etc., will be announced and shared with the public for learning and reference on C.C.H. Medical Foundation official website, Taiwan (http://cch-foundation.org), C.C.H. Foundation USA official website (http://www.cch-foundationusa. org), C.C.H. Yuan Shi Dian official website, People’s Republic of China (http://www.cch-yuanshidian.com), and Southeast Asia official website (www.ysda.org.sg). To preserve the authenticity, authority, and guidance of YSD, under no circumstances will the Foundation authorize any third party to give public lectures or produce audio/video recordings. Further, all YSD case studies must go through production by the Foundation before they can be published. All YSD organizations around the world shall use the audio/video materials released by the Foundation as standard teaching materials. All materials published by the Foundation are copyrighted. Any other media must not plagiarize in any form to organize and publish.

2.2In due respect for laws and regulations around the world, the Foundation will promote YSD and train volunteers. Users and promoters of YSD are required to study and be familiarized with “Yuan Shi Dian Medicine” and abide by the Principle of "Yuan ShiDian along the Spine and Seven Regions of the Body” ( 一條脊椎 與七處原始點 ). ey are not permitted to add, subtract, tamper,  edit, or include other theories or taint with personal opinions,  which would make it dicult for students of YSD to distinguish its  authenticity.

2.3 The Foundation is a legal non-profit organization; its financial  revenues and expenditures are subject to supervision and  assessment by governmental agencies. The Foundation’s related  financial revenues and expenditures are made public and are  available for examination by donors and other entities. The  Foundation strives to live up to the public trust and support  bestowed by its benefactors

C.C.H. Medical Foundation Mission Statement and Principles for Promoting Worldwide Adoption of Yuan Shi Dian

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