The course of birth, aging, illness, and death is the inevitable path in life. Although it is impossible not to grow old, not get sick, or not die, with the birth of Yuan Shi Dian medicine through Antui (press and rub), Heat Sources, and other health maintenance methods, Tishang (bodily impairment), and Heat Energy Deficiency can be ameliorated. If there is disease and illness, it can be quickly healed so the patient can turn from peril to safety; if there is no disease and illness, aging can be countered, longevity increased, and disease and illness prevented.


In retrospect, from 2016 to 2017, this handbook was still in the stage of gradual completion. However, the research and development of the theory had stagnated, and the improvement of Heat Sources was uninspiring. The one thing worth feeling gratified is that, from the end of 2017 to the beginning of 2018, via in-depth analyses of a number of cases, a deeper level of comprehension on emergency diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrest was obtained. That is, in treatment, if it is impossible to distinguish whether the Symptoms of collapsing are caused by head or upper back Tishang, as long as one is unconscious, first and foremost, you should immediately Antui the Upper Back Yuan Shi Dian. Further, to quickly and effectively resolve the Symptoms and save the patient, the Antui pressure must be increased; the Antui has to be instantaneously precise and applied until it reaches a deeper level. In diagnosis, the establishment of life and death in cardiac arrest hinges on the existence or absence of Heat Energy. Also, the level of difficulty or ease of treatment depends on how much Heat Energy the patient has.

Except for Emergency Rescue, for the rest of the chapters for a time, it was felt that the writing of the handbook had come to an end because not much else can be seen missing. However, it was not until 2018 from a case of failure and through thinking repeatedly that the crux of the problem and its solution were finally found and concluded: External and Internal Heat Sources must reach the location of Tishang directly in order for Heat Energy Deficiency to be truly ameliorated. Thus, the application of ginger powder, ginger powder paste, and ginger soup became a significant breakthrough: For example, if used as an Internal Heat Source, via enema, eye-wash, spraying the nasal, oral or vaginal cavities, etc., it enables the Heat Source to go straight to the Affected Area Tishang and warms the organs directly; if used as an External Heat Source, it can be applied to a large area at the location of Tishang to be absorbed by the skin and directly warms the body. The application of the Heat Source is further coordinated with exercise, rest, state of mind, Antui, and other External Heat Sources. At specific areas, Tishang and Heat Energy Deficiency can be ameliorated to accelerate the healing of disease and illness so that patients with severe disease and illness can turn from peril to safety.

In addition to elevating the curative effect, to ensure consistency between theory and clinical practice, each chapter of this handbook was summed up after repeated scrutiny to strive for clear and logical presentation and to be in line with actual practice so that it is easier for the readers to learn and use. Meanwhile, to organize with reference to the framework of medicine, the segment on Hands-on Technique in the front was moved to the Application Section behind the Theory Section; “Contributing Factors” was transferred behind “Medical Treatment and Health Maintenance” and renamed as “Contributing Factors Influencing the Body.” At the same time, “The Diagram of Treatment of Disease and Illness” was redrawn, positioned on the first page of the Theory Section, and renamed as “Yuan Shi Dian Medicine Diagram.” Moreover, “Treating the Cause” has been carefully weighed and found that its content not only focuses on treatment, but also involves diagnosis; therefore, it has been merged with “Identifying the Cause” and renamed as “Diagnosis and Treatment” to achieve the consistency between name, reality, and impact. Similarly, “Effects” was also renamed as “Disease, Illness, and Senescence.”

In addition, in identifying the location of Tishang of disease and illness, “Local” and “Affected Area” have the same meaning. For the sake of simplicity, the long-standing “Local” in the handbook has been changed to “Affected Area,” and the tender points of the Affected Area have been defined as minor switches which are different from Yuan Shi Tong Dian the principal switches. It was through such drastic modifications and adjustments that enabled the entire system of Yuan Shi Dian medicine to be perfected and more complete.

Only with a healthy body can one continue to live life with quality. While health comes mainly from the physical stamina of the human body, stamina comes from a natural and simple lifestyle. So instead of teaching folks to rely on injections and medications for their health, why not teach them how to live a healthy lifestyle? In other words, in daily living, it is only necessary to make beneficial use of Contributing Factors favorable in medical treatment and health maintenance such as the proper use of  Antui and Heat Sources, appropriate exercise, adequate rest, and a good state of mind. These practices can ameliorate

Tishang and Heat Energy Deficiency and enhance the body’s stamina  and self-healing power so that if there is disease and illness, it can  be quickly healed and the patient can return to health; if there is no  disease and illness, aging can be countered, longevity increased, and  disease and illness prevented. Without a doubt, this type of noninvasive, non-pharmaceutical life-oriented medicine is the best way to  resolve the issues of birth, aging, illness, and death. 

Chang, Chao-Han


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