The Journey of My Heart

With this finalized version of Yuan Shi Dian Medicine in front of me and soon to be released, it is as though the fruit of painstaking efforts from constant pondering day and night, which has been in my embrace for over ten years, has finally been born; and I am gratified. To each of my dear friends who helped me along the way, especially those who taught me with their lives manifested through births, aging, illness, and deaths, your kindness is etched in my memory, and I am profoundly grateful!


Thirteen years have passed in the blink of an eye since Yuan Shi Dian Medicine was first published in 2006 and has been continuously revised until now. Looking back, I always felt life had more sadness than joy. I was a traditional Chinese medicine practitioner who only wanted to live an ordinary life. No one could have anticipated that my life would be rewritten due to my wife’s cancer!

Toward the end of 2001, it was confirmed that my wife had breast cancer. The dark clouds of gloom instantly enveloped the whole family. At first, we listened and followed expert advice. Twice during 2002, she went through surgery. Under circumstances which the Western medical doctor deemed infallible, unexpectedly within half a year or so, not only did the cancer recur locally, it metastasized to distant areas. Even crueler was the doctor’s prognosis, with certainty, of inescapable death within one to two years. That was a huge shock and blow to me. As a traditional 

Chinese medicine practitioner, I continued and tried exhaustively to use various kinds of Chinese herbal medicine as well as acupuncture to no avail. Watching my beloved wife’s condition worsen with no power to do anything was like a knife cutting through my heart. Finally, as she was barely kept alive, the suffering from the illness was unbearable. In despair, she was admitted into hospice care in 2003.

Once, my wife’s groin area was swollen and painful, and I tried to give her a full-body massage. When I massaged the buttocks area, she reacted strongly. After two to three days of continuous massage in the same area, not only did the pain stop, the swelling also disappeared. Upon rejoicing, I finally realized that “the tender areas cannot be pressed; we must find the switches elsewhere.” That is, for any illness and pain, there is a fixed root point somewhere else; as long as the root point is treated appropriately, the pain will disappear! This also meant that by finding all the switches, I could resolve the pain of my wife’s whole body. I was overjoyed with this significant discovery. From then on, I set foot on the long journey of finding “Yuan Shi Dian.”

Actually, finding the switches of the human body was much easier said than done. The reason is each Yuan Shi Dian must be searched across the entire body, verified repeatedly on patients, and can only be concluded after working on many cases. Therefore, it took me a full five years to complete this meticulous, in-depth, and thorough research to bring “Yuan Shi Dian along the Spine and Seven Regions of the Body” to light. Before the answer was found, it was like a boat sailing in the vast ocean in the dark of night, where the direction to shore would be completely unknown. Day and night, I was exploring alone, facing an unknown future. Indeed, I felt tormented and helpless. But the thought that my wife’s life was hanging in the balance, as tough as it was, caused me to clench my teeth and hold on!

Yet, no matter how hard I worked, I knew the dreaded day would eventually come. When confronted with my dear wife’s death in 2004, I was torn with grief, and I could not calm myself down for a long time. I thought to myself if I could not even save the person I loved the most, how could I still be a doctor? Was there any meaning to staying alive? In a moment of despair, I remembered what my wife once said: “My pain was greatly reduced by the switches you found. I believe these methods will help a lot of cancer patients. I hope you can continue to research and develop.” It was these words that inspired me and drove me out of the dark cloud of depression. I then made a wish and vowed that in this lifetime, I must find a viable treatment for the major disease of the century—cancer—to prevent the tragedy of decimation and bereavement to continuously and repeatedly befall on other families.

After the locations of Yuan Shi Dian were firmly established, I resolutely decided to close my clinic and set up a foundation in Taipei to promote Yuan Shi Dian as a public service, with the hope that people could learn and understand the Yuan Shi Dian method to benefit themselves and others.

Indeed, this method was initially developed to conquer cancer, but later, from considerable clinical evidence, not only has Yuan Shi Dian proven itself effective in treating cancer but also all kinds of difficult, complicated, and intractable diseases and illnesses, even acute cases, 

emergency rescue, and such. It exhibits its characteristics of safety, effectiveness, and repeatability in all aspects.

To help people understand easily, with empirical evidence as the basis, Yuan Shi Dian continuously substantiates and improves at the theoretical level and ultimately establishes a brand new and highly unified system of medicine that encompasses theory and clinical practice, diagnosis, and treatment, together with medical treatment and health maintenance. Yuan Shi Dian proves that the real solution to disease and illness is the body’s self-healing power. The body has innate, self-healing power, and as such, requires neither injections nor medications. In daily life, as long as one practices proper Antui, makes beneficial use of External and Internal Heat Sources, exercises appropriately, gets adequate rest, and maintains a good state of mind, this self-healing power can be stimulated and enhanced to exert its role, and consequently, the results of modifying the Cause to change the Effects and ameliorating the Cause to resolve disease and illness can be achieved. Without a doubt, this simple and natural life-oriented medicine that does not engage in typical medical behavior is the best path for keeping disease and illness at bay and safeguarding health. Only in this way can people become masters of their own health.

Yuan Shi Dian medicine started from zero, without any preconceived notions. It was drawn bit by bit and evolved from practical performance and verification on patients. Due to the imperfections of existing medicine, Yuan Shi Dian was destined to trace back to the source to

find the answers from the human body. Because health comes primarily  from nature’s simple way of life rather than articial, complex medical  treatment methods, Yuan Shi Dian advocates that health depends on  oneself and not reliance on needles and drugs. With this kind of new  non-pharmaceutical and non-invasive life-oriented medicine, I hope  that everyone can approach and learn with an open mind and apply  Yuan Shi Dian to daily living. As long as the readers thoroughly delve  into and practice Yuan Shi Dian and understand the principles behind  Cause, Contributing Factors, and Effects, not only can they face birth,  aging, illness, and death calmly, they can resolve the suffering from  disease and illness with wisdom, benefit all beings with compassion,  and live life with confidence and satisfaction. Chang, Chao-Han

The Journey of My Heart

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