2015 Publishing Preface

Yuan Shi Dian (YSD) has been popular since its inception. In just a little over a decade, it has spread all over the world. The YSD handbook was first published in 2006. Following the same pace of YSD’s promotion and development, which have been continuously substantiated and perfected, the name of the handbook has been modified multiple times based on a sustained deepening of knowledge of YSD. The upgrade of its versions became even more frequent. By mid-2014, the handbook was already in its 12th edition. Nowadays, the term “Yuan Shi Dian” has become synonymous with YSD medicine and its health maintenance and treatment methods. YSD has reached a mature stage of development. In coordination with this development, a standardized edition is required. To this end, the C.C.H. Medical Foundation (the Foundation) conducted many consultations in the past year and summarized in-depth the existing results in research and development. Upon exhaustive and painstaking consideration, the conclusion was that it was time to revamp the entire handbook and not to publish any new edition temporarily. YSD Lecture Notes 《原始點講義》 would be provided to meet immediate needs. Now, the new edition is finished, and the handbook has been renamed Yuan Shi Dian Health Handbook 《原始點健康手冊》 to reflect YSD’s comprehension and positioning toward medicine.

YSD was originally researched and developed to conquer cancer.  In the beginning, due to its immediate efficacy in treating and managing pain, it was named “Pain Treatment” 「疼痛療法」. The concept of “Yuan Shi Tong Dian” 「原始痛點」 which was established in the early edition of the handbook, upon being theoretically translated to “Yuan Shi Dian,” was added into YSD terminology in July 2008 and became “Yuan Shi Tong Dian Treatment” 「疼痛原始點療法」. In January 2009, there were sufficient clinical cases to prove that YSD is suitable for treating almost all diseases and illnesses, both internal and external.  Therefore, the word “Tong” (pain) 「疼痛」 was removed and the name simplified to “Yuan Shi Dian Treatment” 「原始點療法」. By 2012, YSD’s diagnosis and medical treatment methods had been established to near maturity, and the application of External and Internal Heat Sources in health maintenance reached a significant breakthrough. YSD theory also became more and more mature. Therefore, through the diagnosis method of identifying the Cause, not only can YSD treat all kinds of difficult, complicated, and intractable diseases and illnesses effectively, it also performs remarkably well in treating acute cases and in emergency rescue. YSD exhibits the characteristics of safety, effectiveness, and repeatability. Even though YSD is not involved in any medical behavior, it already encompasses the essence of diagnosis, medical treatment, and health maintenance. Thus in January 2013, the name of that edition was changed to Yuan Shi Dian Medicine.

The sole purpose of medicine is to heal the wounded, rescue the dying, and resolve human suffering from disease and illness. All specialized medical treatment measures are to help patients recover and restore their health. In daily life, if health is achieved with simple maintenance and 

treatment methods such as Antui of Yuan Shi Tong Dian, Wenfu, a diet of warming and hot nature, appropriate exercise, adequate rest, and a good state of mind, I believe the public would be happy to accept these measures. With more than ten years of YSD clinical practice using the afore-mentioned simple health maintenance and treatment methods, countless people have regained their health, proving that this can be done. The underlying principle is that Antui of Yuan Shi Tong Dian has the immediate effect of medical treatment in resolving Symptoms while the rest of the methods have the efficacy of health maintenance, the indirect treatment of disease and illness. Thus, with such measures, YSD can help people thoroughly resolve disease and illness and regain their health.

For this reason, the name of the 2015 edition of the handbook was changed to Yuan Shi Dian Health Handbook 《原始點健康手冊》.

Such a name change not only meets the Foundation’s original intent of promoting YSD, it is also in accordance with the unwavering mission of the Foundation to research and develop a set of life-oriented, costeffective, easy-to-learn, easy-to-use, environmentally friendly, pure, and natural medicine that encompasses diagnosis, medical treatment, and health maintenance. Further, it does not engage in medical behavior but uses non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical methods to resolve human suffering from disease and illness. It allows the general public to become masters of their own health.

This edition has many additions and deletions. In the chapter on Handson Technique, the descriptions of Yuan Shi Dian locations have been added. In the chapters on Theory, based on clinical evidence and 

indepth reflection of the core issues of medicine, some innovative insights emerged. Important concepts such as medicine, medical treatment and health maintenance, the function of ingredients and medicinal properties, Symptoms and Signs from disease and illness, senescence, and abnormalities, and Symptoms vs. Signs have acquired new meaning according to the logic of YSD. The principle of diagnosis and treatment in “Identifying the Cause” and “Emergency Rescue” has undergone a more refined description to clarify many fundamental issues in which medical science has historically been vague and ambiguous. These views may differ from those of current medicine, but they provide a new perspective for examining existing medicine. I believe the readers can be inspired.

We are fully aware that the birth of any new ideas must break through the old conceptual framework. It is not easy to understand and accept any kind of innovative thinking. However, “Practice is the Sole Criterion for Testing Truth” (Hu Fuming, published in the Guangming Daily, 1978). Neither should we be influenced by prejudices and be blocked by our existing beliefs, nor should we be mesmerized by the new and follow blindly. Readers should put aside their personal opinions and, in the spirit of scientific empirical evidence, try out the methods described in the handbook and then judge their authenticity in a calm mind and eventempered manner. This way, the truth and knowledge generated from empirical evidence can open their minds to great wisdom and expand new horizons. They can learn from the past, set a new course for the future, and benefit themselves and others.

September 14, 2015

Zhongwen Lai at Lakeside Abode, Biquan Temple, Pingyang, Zhejiang

2015 Publishing Preface

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