3. Cancerous Tumors

It is commonly known and generally accepted that everyone has cancer cells in their body. Since cancer cells already exist in our body, why are we so relieved when they are not detected, and why are we fearful when they are found? If we already have them, why do we still need to undergo physical examinations? If these inherent cancer cells are considered fatal, how do we survive their existence? Based on this premise, it can be seen that there is no correlation between having cancer cells and life and death.

Then, is it when the cancer cells develop into a cancerous tumor, they become life-threatening? If that is true, why do some people have cancerous tumors but never show any sign of illness? Without any onset of illness, how can cancer be the cause of death? Therefore, there is no correlation between having a cancerous tumor and life and death. If the person has not died because the size of the tumor is not large enough, why are there people with cancerous tumors growing to as large as 20 to 30 cm but are still alive? There is also no evidence that a cancerous tumor must grow to a certain size in order to definitely cause death. Therefore, the size of the cancerous tumors bears no relation to life and death. If death did not occur because the growth of  the tumors is not plentiful enough, however, some people whose physical examinations showed that the cancerous tumors have metastasized to many parts of the body, why are they still alive? There is also no evidence to determine how extensive an area the tumor must spread to definitely cause death. Therefore, there is no correlation between the number of cancerous tumors and life and death. If people are still alive because their tumor marker level is not high enough, why are others with tumor marker levels well above ten thousand but still alive? There is also no evidence to show how high the tumor marker level must be to cause death with certainty. Therefore, there is no correlation between the tumor marker level and life and death. In summary, the existence, size, amount, and tumor marker level of cancerous tumors have nothing to do with life and death.

In fact, as abnormal forms, cancerous tumors are similar to gray hair and wrinkles. They are phenomena that will occur naturally in the process of senescence and degeneration in life. These phenomena are just reminding us that the metabolism in our body has deteriorated, and it is necessary to change our unhealthy living habits. They should not be regarded as disease and illness and are definitely not incurable diseases. Hence people absolutely do not die because they have cancerous tumors, just as people do not die because they have gray hair or wrinkles. In the end, death will occur when Heat Energy and stamina are fully exhausted. Since there is no correlation between life, death, and cancerous tumors, but there is a correlation between life, death, and Heat Energy and stamina, to assess the relative severity, improvement, or deterioration of the patient’s condition, it is not necessary to refer to the changes in the cancerous tumor or the tumor marker level. We only need to refer to the changes in the patient’s stamina. That is, when the patient’s stamina has improved, it means that the patient has turned from peril to safety and is on the smooth path to recovery; but when stamina has weakened, it means that the patient’s health is deteriorating and trending toward danger. Therefore, we can ascertain by ourselves whether or not our body has disease and illness and whether or not our condition has improved. There is no need to undergo examinations using medical instruments.

In addition, cancerous tumors are caused by Affected Area Tishang. Therefore, we can resolve the Symptoms and Signs and make the cancerous tumors shrink in size or even disappear by Antui of both Yuan Shi Tong Dian and the tender points of the Affected Area, coordinated with Wenfu by applying External Heat Sources. Unfortunately, people will undergo examinations under the circumstances of not knowing that they can diagnose and treat the disease on their own. Should a cancerous tumor be detected from the medical examination, it is continuously exaggerated and vilified as a terminal disease. Some doctors would even use the following statements to threaten and intimidate people: “If you do not accept surgery or chemotherapy, the cancerous tumor will exacerbate rapidly. At most, you may only live for a few more years, months, or even days….” While diagnosis was originally supposed to assess how long it will take to cure the disease, it is now being used to predict when people will die. This has resulted in people being scared to death and living in the shadow of death every day. How could this be the start of regaining health when it is essentially the beginning of a nightmare?

Besides, as long as there is life, there will be cancer cells. Cancer cells growing into a tumor is just like hair growing from our scalp and eventually turning from black to gray. It is inevitable. Thus the cancer tumor is just like our gray hair; it is a part of the course of living that is inseparable. If it is unnecessary to get rid of our gray hair, why do we need to kill the cancerous tumor mercilessly and make ourselves suffer? Moreover, after the cancerous tumor is removed, it will regenerate itself, and the cycle of removal and regeneration will continue. After such repeated heavy inflictions to the body, one will only become sicker and die faster.

Therefore, the cancerous tumor is not to be feared. What is scary is the diagnosis and treatment of Western medicine.  For example, depending on the affected part of the body, the radiation emitted from one CT scan is roughly equivalent to taking 100 to 400 x-rays. Paracentesis and biopsies are incisions at the wound and will make the cancerous tumor worse. Surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy are even more destructive and lethal. They will seriously deplete the patient’s Heat Energy, weaken the body’s stamina instantly, and may bring about organ failure and hasten death. Even if the patient is fortunate enough to survive, the body would have been severely damaged. If the person does not work hard to change their lifestyle in order to ameliorate Heat Energy Deficiency and Tishang, the cancerous tumor may rapidly recur and metastasize. This is similar to breaking a piece of ice; the ice may disappear temporarily, but if the temperature remains the same, the ice will re-solidify. It is the same principle. 

Therefore, cancerous tumors caused by Affected Area Tishang should be treated from the Cause and not from the Effects. The biggest fault of Western medicine in dealing with cancerous tumors is treating them from the Effects, such as removing the cancerous tumors by surgery, killing them with toxic drugs, attacking them with radiotherapy, or starving them by abstaining from nourishment.  All these complete eradication methods of treatment are treating from the Effects, irrespective of the Cause. Moreover, cancerous tumors belong to senescence and not disease and illness. Not only are such treatments destructive, they are beyond the scope of treating disease and illness.

So if one does not want to be treated using artificial complicated medical treatment methods to the point where one is at the last gasp or have subjected oneself to such immense pain that one wishes to be dead, then it is best to use natural and simple health maintenance and medical treatment methods to treat from the Cause. That is, in our daily lives, we must do appropriate exercise, get adequate rest, maintain a good state of mind, and such to actively improve our stamina so we can live energetically and with enthusiasm. In addition, we have to make beneficial use of External and Internal Heat Sources primarily by applying ginger powder, ginger powder paste, or ginger soup directly to the location of Tishang, also to Antui Yuan Shi Tong Dian and even the tender points of the Affected Area, coordinated with other External Heat Sources. This is how at specific locations, Tishang and Heat Energy Deficiency can be ameliorated, and the body’s immunity and self-healing power can be enhanced to achieve the goal: If one has disease and illness, the disease and illness can be quickly healed, and the patient can turn peril to safety; if one is not ill, aging can be countered, longevity increased, disease and illness prevented, and even the cancerous tumors can be made to disappear. This is the only way to take charge and have autonomy over our own health. Without a doubt, this type of life-oriented medicine which advocates for nature, respects life, and protects our body, is the essential path for medical treatment and health maintenance.

In conclusion, cancerous tumors are not Symptoms related to feelings of discomfort, dysfunction, poor stamina, or Signs related to tissue damage. Hence they are aging and not illness, and therefore cannot be treated as objects of medical treatment of disease and illness. Further, cancerous tumors are caused by Tishang and Heat Energy Deficiency, so they are Effects rather than Causes, and cannot be used as the basis of diagnosis for the cause of disease and illness. Otherwise, one would commit the fallacies of not differentiating between aging and illness and inverting Effects as Causes. Other abnormalities detected by medical instruments should also be viewed in the same way.

3. Cancerous Tumors

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