10. Emergency Rescue

Symptoms of collapsing are mostly due to Remote Tishang of the head or upper back, or both. They mainly consist of strokes, epilepsy, cardiac arrests, and such. The signs of stroke are deviations of the eyes and mouth, hemiplegia, or hemiparesis. The signs of epileptic seizures are teeth grinding, convulsions, or spasms with force. Both are caused by head Tishang. However, if the stroke patient falls into a coma and has shortness of breath, it is life-threatening because rescue would be difficult, and we must prepare for the worst.

Cardiac arrest may involve changes in the hands and face, and the patient will definitely exhibit loss of consciousness and inability to express. Common cardiac arrest situations are as follows: at the time of a heart attack, the patient describes conditions of chest tightness and chest pain followed by collapsing; or the patient covers the chest with the hand and shows slight changes in the face, followed by collapsing; or the patient has no facial expressions, exhibits weakness and paralysis of the entire body, and then collapses. All such cardiac arrest situations are caused by upper back Tishang. They are different from a stroke where one can either be awake or unconscious, as well as manifesting signs of deviations of the eyes and mouth. They are different from epileptic seizures with signs of hand and facial convulsions or spasms and contortions. The prognosis: there are cases where one can wake up by oneself or be awakened with help from others because Heat Energy is still sufficient; there are also cases where emergency rescue would be futile because Heat Energy is fully depleted in an instant. 

When someone dies, he or she cannot be brought back to life. That is common sense and the truth. If that is the case, why would we still perform emergency rescue under the circumstances where an individual had collapsed and found to have no heartbeat or breath, thus pronounced dead? Also, why are there people miraculously resurrected? The only explanation is, as in dying embers that flare up, there must be heat left; people can be resuscitated for the same reason. With cardiac arrest, whether a person lives or dies depends on the existence or absence of Heat Energy (instead of heartbeat or breath). Such inference is fully consistent with the concept in Yuan Shi Dian medicine that “life can be sustained only when the body has Heat Energy, and one will die without Heat Energy.” Since Heat Energy can be reflected in the color of the face, we can make this determination quickly by deducing the Cause from the Effects by observing the changes in the face of someone who collapsed. That is, if the face still has redness, it would be easier to rescue and treat. Conversely, if there is a lack of luster in the face as the face may have turned sallow, blue, or pale, it would be more difficult to rescue and treat.

The purpose of emergency rescue is primarily to save a life. Given that cardiac arrest can kill people instantly, when faced with Symptoms of collapsing (unless the individual is conscious and still capable of expression, or there are deviations of the eyes and mouth, or hand and facial convulsions, or spasms and contortions), the safest practice is: as long as there is loss of consciousness, immediately Antui the Upper Back Yuan Shi Dian for about two to three minutes. If there is improvement, External and Internal Heat Sources should be applied for warming. If there is no immediate improvement after Antui, then also Antui the Head Yuan Shi Dian for about two to three minutes. If there is improvement, External and Internal Heat Sources should be applied for warming. If Antui of the head region also cannot immediately improve the situation, then this Symptom of collapsing is caused by Affected Area Tishang of the head and upper back. What should be noted is that if Antui of the main switches of the root cause locations of disease and illness has no immediate efficacy, the fear is that the situation cannot be remedied, and we should prepare for the worst. But life and death is a momentous matter, we should still observe the facial changes of the patient at this time. If the face has redness, there may still be a glimmer of hope for survival; External Heat Sources should be applied for warming. On the other hand, if the face shows no luster, it can be determined that Heat Energy is completely depleted and life is ending.

Since the tender points of Yuan Shi Dian can be shallow or deep, when every second counts in emergency rescue, the Antui pressure must be increased. The Antui must reach the location precisely and instantaneously, and to a deep level so that Symptoms can be resolved quickly. After the patient wakes up from the rescue, to accelerate the repair of Tishang and consolidate the curative effect, not only must External and Internal Heat Sources be used for warming, but the room must be kept warm, comfortable, quiet, peaceful, tidy, and wellventilated.

In clinical practice, if there are Symptoms and Signs, there will be Tishang; but even with Tishang, Symptoms and Signs may not necessarily be exhibited. Therefore, regardless of treating pre-existing disease and illness or those before their onset, treatment should start with the location of Tishang. Pre-disease means it is impossible to identify the location of Tishang by observing Symptoms and Signs; it also means one’s stamina is normal and Heat Energy is still sufficient. Therefore, in diagnosis and treatment, one should Antui the “Yuan Shi Dian along the Spine and Seven Regions of the Body” to locate the tender points which represent the location of Tishang. In addition, Antui should be primary and applying Heat Sources secondary. For example, to prevent cardiac arrest, stroke, even difficulty in breathing and Alzheimer’s disease, etc., one can find the tender points at the Upper Back or Head Yuan Shi Tong Dian locations to Antui, coordinated with External Heat Sources for warming. In this way, Remote Tishang can be quickly resolved so that disease and illness can be made to disappear, and the goal of treating disease and illness before their onset can be achieved. After the tender points are resolved, fortify head, neck, and upper back exercises in daily life to consolidate the curative effect and prevent a recurrence.

10. Emergency Rescue

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