The greatest wish in my life is to research, develop, and perfect Yuan Shi Dian (YSD) medicine to contribute to all humankind and benefit future generations. Originally, my intention was to undertake the completion of this medical book as my lifelong endeavor. However, unbeknownst to me, through relentless effort day and night and the assistance of many helpful contributors, in twelve years and at age sixty, this medical book had approached the realm of perfection in my mind. I am confident that this medical book can withstand the test of time and spread far and wide. So at the time of reprinting, herein, I would like to take the opportunity to explain the causes and conditions.



YSD was researched and developed beginning in 2003. At the time, when both Western and Chinese medicine had proven futile in treating my wife Shuchen Shih’s breast cancer, she was admitted to hospice care to spend the final days of her life just to seek a “good” death. Under those conditions and in my attempt to ease her excruciating pain, I completely discarded the concepts from Chinese and Western medicine. I started from zero and began directly researching bit by biton her body. The process was explained in detail in my lecture videos, and I will not retell the ups and downs I went through. It can be said that without the serious illness of my wife, YSD would not have been developed. Therefore, YSD was traded with her life.


In the earlier period, more than ten locations of the principal and minor switches were discovered. Through comparative analysis, the minor switches were eliminated. Using maximum streamlining, “Yuan Shi Dian along the Spine and Seven Regions of the Body” was ultimately concluded, and the rules of coverage for each Yuan Shi Dian were summarized. Because each Yuan Shi Dian location must be searched from the patient’s entire body, verified repeatedly, and can only be concluded after working on many cases, this took daily, meticulous, in- depth, and thorough research in a span of five years. As for the Antui techniques, they have been continuously improved and perfected also based on patients’ receptivity. For critical and severely ill patients with Symptoms of poor stamina, it was discovered via observation that Antui and applying External and Internal Heat Sources alone were not enough; in daily living, there must be further coordination with appropriate exercise, adequate rest, and maintaining a good state of mind to achieve the goals of modifying the Cause to change the Effects and regaining health. Therefore, this medical book was written without any preconceived notions, concluded from the observation of facts, and


based entirely on the concepts of “people,” the foremost, “patient,” the teacher.


Due to the significant effectiveness of YSD, it soon gained popularity. Thus even before YSD had been perfected in research and development, many lecture invitations came. But my expertise is in clinical practice; I am not as strong at expressing and even less good at writing. I had to force myself to write and compile teaching materials to make it easier for the general public to understand YSD. Thus the first edition of this medical book was published in 2006. The content of the early version was basically an operation manual without theoretical rationale. Those armed merely with sufficient confidence to follow the instructions conscientiously were able to resolve many diseases and illnesses. Then, as I came in contact with more and more people, I discovered that many patients relied heavily on existing medical treatment to the point that they overlooked their own self-healing power. As a result, they mostly sought help externally from injections and medications and were much less willing to seek from within, adopt a positive mindset, and exercise. Therefore, it became extremely urgent for me to help people understand that the real path to health and longevity is improving the body constitution and enhancing one’s stamina and self-healing power in daily living.


Since this matter concerns the health and life of countless people, great responsibility was deeply felt. So every word was weighed, every phrase considered carefully and deliberately, hundreds and thousands of times, tirelessly, to make them not only easy to understand but concise and to the point. I feared the expressions were not faithful or complete. Thus behind all the text, there was also the support of empirical cases. During this time, I often sat for hours in order to change a few words until their meaning was conveyed; or to clarify a concept, I would spend months pondering and wrestling until finally, a satisfactory answer emerged. Despite such great effort and the complete framework and content having taken shape, it still had not reached the realm of perfection in my mind. Therefore, to bridge the gaps and in pursuit of perfection, this book was revised from one edition to the next.


In the process of promoting YSD, the Foundation continuously received a variety of cases from all over the world so that the YSD health therapy attained even more comprehensive validation and enrichment. In addition, there were many suggestions and questions from YSD enthusiasts. The successes and failures they shared enabled me to reflect and reexamine the inadequacies of YSD medicine, and improvements were made to reach today’s results. Thus the development and perfection of YSD medicine were facilitated by the convergence of numerous causes and conditions. I am grateful to those who assisted, especially our teachers —the “patients” who suffered from disease and illness, and even paid with their lives—they were the ones who taught me to set aside personal opinions, break free from the quandary of existing medicines, and allow me not only to see clearly the phenomena of birth, aging, illness, and death, but to find the solutions to resolve disease and illness, and to prolong life.


YSD medicine is not easy to come by. I hope it is something we all cherish. At the same time, my hope is that all who promote YSD can adhere to providing public service. They will treat patients like family, insert a stream of pure water into society, maintain our good will, offer our benevolence, and bring warmth to people. By caring for one another, people can help themselves, benefit others, and resolve all human suffering from disease and illness; this is precisely my original intention in developing YSD.


The reason we aspire to promote YSD is to help patients and benefit all beings. As such, it should be learned with humility and in-depth to improve our capability to care for our own bodies and fulfill our aspirations. Further, YSD is based on “patient the teacher”; therefore, instead of stating we are to help patients and benefit people, why not say we are learning to respect our teachers and accomplish our own selfless dedication. All in all, from causes and conditions, the birth of YSD







medicine is a significant event in the medical field. My heart is filled with gratitude that in this life, I am able to participate and contribute. If people can benefit from YSD now and in the future, I would not have lived in vain.


Chang, Chao-Han


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